5 Habits of Millionaires

Most millionaires today are self made (86%); they didn’t arrive with a silver spoon in their mouths. If you do a quick study of those with the money, you will find that they actually have quite a lot in common. So if being wealthy is something you find yourself dreaming about, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Millionaires work hard. They work for themselves, are entrepreneurs. Most start young. Wasting time is not an option, so they avoid time stealers. You can’t get rich being lazy and most of the time it takes time.

Millionaires stay informed. They read a lot. This helps them make informed and wise decisions, including their investments. They plan a budget, setting goals, and they keep track of their spending. They hang out with other millionaires and seek advice. They ask questions.

Millionaires pursue things that interest them. We aren’t just talking hobbies. They work and invest in things that they are passionate about. When we love what we do, we have more energy and find more time to do them. We work harder at those things we enjoy.

Millionaires save. The average millionaire saves 20% of their income. This simply means they pay themselves first. Hand in hand with this one: they do not overspend. They splurge sparingly.

Millionaires are givers. They are generous with their money and advice. They are community minded and give to various charities. They don’t think of money as the goal, but as the by product.